Lose weight correctly: The main mistakes during dieting

Bought a steamer and clearly follow all the guidelines listed in the book “How to lose weight”, but the extra pounds are not in a hurry to leave? Talk about the main mistakes, which prevent to lose weight.

Don’t have breakfast

Breakfast for many of us is an impossible task. Sometimes it is completely impossible to force yourself to swallow even a small piece immediately after waking up. But if you want to lose weight, you still have to learn to have breakfast. The fact is that by skipping the morning meal, you run the risk of making up twice as much at lunch – this is due both to psychology (you did not have breakfast and then you allowed yourself to eat more), and to the most ordinary physical needs of the body to fill the energy deficit. What is? Lovers of a continental breakfast can grab a croissant with cheese or nut biscotti, those who prefer a “thicker” can recommend oatmeal or whole grain corn flakes.  

This technique is completely ineffective. Moreover, minimizing the daily diet is not only harmful, but even dangerous. Of course, in the first days you lose weight, but then the process slows down and then stops altogether (we are silent about the fact that after such experiments, the lost kilograms will most likely return to you with an increase). In order to lose weight correctly ─ and stable! ─ you need to provoke an unnatural calorie deficiency for the body. But at the same time, your diet should be completely balanced: 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates plus vitamins and minerals. As a rule, willy-nilly during the diet, you are more limited in protein, which is completely unacceptable. To prevent this, pay attention to legumes and dairy products.  

Refuse fat

Most of us, having not fully figured out what the diet really is, completely refuse fat, believing that in this way it will be possible to get rid of excess weight much faster. Without a doubt, fat is a high-calorie nutritional element, which in large quantities can harm not only appearance, but also health in general. However, you cannot completely exclude it from the menu. Fat is digested much more slowly than other substances, which means it provides a feeling of satiety for a long time. In addition, fats are actively involved in the formation of certain sex hormones, so that their lack of elements in the body can lead to serious disruptions in the reproductive system. If you want to reduce the amount of fat you consume (not talking about quality ─ everything is fried under a strict ban), replace the meat with fish: getting better by diversifying the diet with seafood will be very difficult. Give preference to steamed dishes or in the oven.

Don’t look at sweets

Sugar, like fats, cannot be rejected at all: the absence of chocolate, for example, can provoke real spleen and, as a result, subsequent overeating. In addition, it must be remembered that not all sweets are equally harmful – conditionally they can be divided into “bad” and “good” sugar-containing products. “Good” sweets are fruits and dried fruits, honey and other natural products. But sugar, which we call refined, is harmful. The body receives refined, for example, from baking, desserts and soda. He also hides in pasta and white bread. Keep this in mind and avoid abuse of these products. 

Starve after six

Since time immemorial, we have been haunted by the stereotype that eating late at night is bad. That is why so often we tend to eat too much. Alas, this is the easiest way not to lose weight, but to gain it. There is nothing wrong with having dinner later (especially if you have to return from work closer to midnight). Just don’t try to get enough of it – non-fat sour-milk products, such as fermented baked milk, kefir or light yogurt, are perfect for such a meal. Also think about how to properly plan your schedule. Ideally, you should make small snacks at least five to six times a day. But if you find it difficult to eat so often, just three full meals will be enough.

Be lazy

Someone mistakenly believes that for weight loss it is enough, lying on the couch, to adhere to one of the many popular diets. Others, on the contrary, do not crawl out of the gym and at the same time eat everything. In fact, the truth is somewhere in between: only a combination of these two methods can bring you the desired result. The fact is that the diet contributes to the loss of adipose tissue, but not muscle building. Fitness, on the contrary, pumps muscles, but, alas, without proper nutrition, it only increases unnecessary volumes, and does not remove them. A good bonus of sports activities: exercises support the general tone of the body and skin elasticity, and physical activity also helps to speed up metabolism, which helps to feel better. 

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