Minus 5 pounds a week: nutritionists have warned about the dangers of diet on vegetables

Diet vegetables without the use of bread, noodles, and meat and are considered one of the strictest. The danger of this diet is that a person can become lethargic and to lose not only fat but also muscle mass.

According to nutritionists, some only vegetables in the diet for a month, if you aim to lose 20 pounds, can’t protect your body from harm. Vegetables is a fibrous, sometimes rich in fiber food that does not contain fat and amino acids that are in meat.

Therefore, nutritionists are against the appointment to a vegetable diet for weight loss for a month. First, on this diet, it is easy to break and spoil the result, because the feeling of hunger will not leave you. Second, you will feel sluggish because this diet really contains few calories – usually up to a maximum of 1000 calories per day.

To not feel so keenly the discomfort nutritionists recommend several times a month to eat chicken lean meat, eggs, low-fat fish.

If you really aim to abandon the consumption of fats, you can olive oil and sunflower oil and butter shouldn’t be included in the diet.

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