Top 10 diets: The most effective ways to lose weight

The problem of excess weight worries both men and women. Many still have not decided on the choice of an effective and safe diet. Which food system to prefer? Is it worth losing weight fast? Or is it better to adjust the shape gradually? About the most productive.


  • 1 How to choose an effective diet?
  • 2 Diet “6 petals”
  • 3 Diet “Minus 60”
  • 4 Diet “Maggie”
  • 5 Hollywood diet.
  • 6 Japanese diet.
  • 7 Brazilian diet.
  • 8 Kefir diet
  • 9 Soup Diet
  • 10 Mediterranean diet
  • 11 Dukan Diet.
  • 12 Sports loads
  • 13 Life after a diet: Results

How to choose an effective diet?

So, you decide to lose weight? Learn in detail the existing methods of losing weight and choose the one that suits you in all respects.

In this matter, an individual approach is of great importance. You probably noticed that some people quickly part with unnecessary pounds, while others suffer due to the fact that their weight has stood still for a long time. Each has its own characteristics of the body. So ideally, you first need to undergo an examination and then consult with a nutritionist about the best diet for you.

Decide on the results you want to get and how quickly this should happen. Not every diet will help to rapidly decrease in size. In addition, lightning-fast weight loss is not always an ideal option. In many cases, after fast diets, kilograms return, and in the near future. There are also diets that make you lose weight slowly. However, in the end, fix your shape for a long time. In general, decide.

Choose a diet that will not terrify you. Allowed foods you should like. Diet is not hard labor; the process of losing weight can be enjoyable. Prefer a technique that involves simple dishes. The less often you look at the kitchen, the lower the risk of grabbing not the most useful cookies, candy, and so on.

Diet “6 petals”

During this diet, they lose weight in 6 stages. They are also called petals. Hence, in fact, the name. Each step is one day during which only one product can be consumed.

The benefits of such a diet are substantial. Mono-diet and separate nutrition enable the body to receive everything that it needs. Losing weight in the process does not feel restrained and does not suffer from a constant feeling of hunger. If you do not break the sequence, you can significantly lose weight.

  • So, eat fish on the first day. At your disposal a pound of boiled, stewed, baked fish. You can also steam.
  • On the second day, eat vegetables in any form. Your ideal dose is a kilogram and a half.
  • On the third day, eat chicken. Usually, they take fillet, because it can be cooked as interesting as possible: both cook, stew, and bake.
  • The fourth day is hot. Indulge yourself with your favorite cereal or cereal. Serving – 200 g (in dry form).
  • On the fifth day, you can eat cottage cheese. A pound of this low-fat product will definitely cheer you up.
  • Eat your favorite fruit during the sixth petal day. A kilogram and a half apples, for example – and life will become sweeter and more fun.

Diet “Minus 60”

This food system is among the simplest but most effective. The rules of the diet are clear and binding.

So, people who are losing weight are allowed to eat almost everything until 12:00.

Until 14:00 should already be excluded from the diet fried and fatty dishes. In addition, you do not need to combine simple carbohydrates and proteins. The former include, for example, potatoes and pasta. The latter include meat, fish, and so on.

At lunch, you can season the meat with a spoonful of butter or sour cream.

In the afternoon, do not lean on food. An afternoon snack should not be satisfying. Have dinner with light foods. Alcoholic drinks and soda are not prohibited. The main thing is that the dose is small.

Diet “Maggie”

This power system can not be called sparing, but effective – easily. It involves the use of boiled eggs, meat, as well as a large number of fruits and vegetables. The listed products will help remove toxins from the body and contribute to the breakdown of fats. This diet needs to be observed a month. For four weeks, sometimes you can ask up to 20 kilograms. The main thing is to develop an individual menu with a nutritionist and not deviate from the regime.

Hollywood diet.

On the list of the best is a diet that many celebrities follow. It lasts two weeks and is considered very effective. So, in 14 days you can lose up to 10 kg. The diet should not be sweet, flour, fatty and fried. You can eat grapefruit, prepare salads from cucumbers and tomatoes, bake or stew chicken breast, turkey or rabbit meat.

Can’t live without chicken or quail eggs? What a score. Diet does not prohibit these products, but sweet drinks will have to be replaced with water or tea without sugar.

Japanese diet.

The Japanese diet also lasts 14 days and leads to rapid weight loss. The use of lean meat, fish, eggs, seafood, vegetables, and fruits is not prohibited. You can add a spoonful of vegetable oil to salads. A slice of bread and cheese will not be considered a crime. But coffee is better to drink without sugar. For the normal operation of all systems, special vitamins are recommended.

The developers of the diet claim that there will be no return of kilograms. The body will reboot and metabolism will accelerate.

Brazilian diet.

This power system is chosen by the most powerful and motivated to lose weight, people for whom the goal is most important.

  • The first day. For breakfast, one boiled egg, an apple and a cup of coffee are allowed. Use the same set for lunch and dinner.
  • On the second and third day, have breakfast with two eggs, dine with spinach and beef meat, eat dinner with spinach and egg.
  • On the morning of the fourth day, eat an egg, dine with boiled fish and tomato. For dinner, cook two eggs.
  • The next day, also start with the egg, drink unsweetened coffee. Dine with an egg and tomato. Dine with baked fish and vegetables.
  • Day six. Breakfast with an egg, drink a cup of coffee. For lunch, allow yourself a cucumber and a little beef meat. For dinner, veal with tomato, as well as coffee.
  • Seventh-day breakfast – again egg and coffee. For lunch, cook chicken and vegetables. Dinner with chicken meat, eat an apple, drink coffee.

Kefir diet

Kefir is a powerful weapon against fat. There are several ways to lose weight with this product. So, you can only drink kefir, sometimes adding cottage cheese to the diet. Diets that provide a combination of yogurt with fruits (most often apples), vegetables, low-fat fish and meat are also effective.

Soup diet

Soup diet is very effective. And, in addition, it is a real panacea for the digestive system.

The soup, which can burn fat, includes onions, cabbage, bell peppers, carrots, celery, and tomatoes.

This magic dish is recommended to be consumed daily for a week. It is not forbidden to eat dietary meat, vegetables, and fruits.

Mediterranean diet

This power system is light and enjoyable. And the menu is varied and rich. So, you can cook from fish, meat, and vegetables. It is allowed to use cereals (cereals from barley and rice), “sour milk” and eggs. It is better to refuse fat. Forget about mayonnaise. Add olive oil to salads. During lunch and dinner, a glass of red dry is not prohibited.

Ducan’s diet.

The duration of this protein diet depends on the state of health and on the weight of the person. Sometimes a similar food system is observed for 3-4 months. The whole process consists of four stages: “Attacks”, “Alternations”, “Fastenings,“ Stabilization ”. All these periods differ in duration and diet. However, there are universal rules.

Daily morning exercises, walking for 30 minutes, eating cereals.

Ducan’s gradual weight loss regimen is safe and effective.

Sports loads

After rapid weight loss, skin elasticity is lost. The abdomen, hips, buttocks, and arms are among the most problematic areas. So that sagging does not become a very big problem, it is important to combine a diet with sports loads. Ensure regular pumping of all muscle groups, do exercises that you like. Train with your trainer or at home.

Visit the pool, go to the masseur, beautician. Thanks to the right exercises and procedures, sagging skin will tighten a little.

Life after a diet: Results

Having lost excess weight, a person changes not only externally, but also internally. After effective diets:

  • There is an extraordinary sense of lightness. Finally, you can run up the stairs, dance cool and smile at your own image in the mirror.
  • Memory improves. The body overloaded, brain activity increased. You will operate with a lot of information and, possibly, even stop forgetting the names of people. But it is not exactly.
  • In both men and women, sexual life is changing in a positive way. Sex drive is increasing, you are aware that you are sexual.
  • The risk of developing cancer is reduced. Due to significant excess weight in the body, inflammatory processes, dangerous castling in the cells occur. Losing weight by 5 percent will reduce your chance of getting cancer.
  • The psycho-emotional background is restored.
  • The taste buds are changing.
  • Bones and joints are strengthened because the load has decreased.
  • The overall financial situation is improving. At a minimum, you will spend less on treating chronic diseases caused by being overweight. You no longer have to fight cholesterol and suffer from hypertension. After losing weight, attacks of heartburn and asthma are much less likely.
  • Career growth is observed. You won’t surprise anyone with this, but people with an ordinary figure are five times easier to get a job than fat.
  • Sleep is normalized. After losing weight it becomes easier to breathe. The duration of sleep increases.
  • Increases the chance to conceive a child. Excess weight is one of the causes of polycystic and infertility. Diets not only promote weight loss but also increase the ability to get pregnant and bear a baby.
  • The hormonal background is leveled, immunity and even self-esteem increase. Much in life is changing for the better. Believe in your strength and always achieve your goals.

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